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zoomer-big-dog-robot-300x181Welcome to http//www.robotdogtoy.org where we’ll be taking a look at the new Zoomer robot dog. Zoomer is the #3 toy for Christmas at Amazon for several good reasons.

Before we look at the features of Zoomer you need to know that as a #3 seller on Amazon and a very popular Christmas toy,  you should order as soon as possible to get the best price and to ensure you’ll get one in time for Christmas.

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What is Zoomer Robot dog? The Ideal Family dog!

Zoomer is an interactive dog along with multiple sensors which will enable your Zoomer to act like a real puppy. As any kind of puppy (or kid! ) Zoomer may not listen closely the first time if he is rambunctious. He’s as enjoyable as a family dog without the chaos, vaccinations as well as responsibility.

Basic Features of Zoomer

  • An adoring faithful friend for ages 5 and older

  • Will understand dozens of different tricks

  • Understands the english language, the  spanish language, along with the french language

  • When you press the bottom on Zoomer’s back you’ll get awarded with a trick.

  • Fun to train

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Just like every other Zoomer review, this blog highly recommends this robot dog toy for every little one. It’ll be a perfect addition to your family. Due to the fact that Christmas is rapidly approaching , it will sell out fast and you shouldn’t wait to purchase now!


Customer Reviews:

By Vivian K:


What a great dog!! He does as he’s told, doesn’t run away, always ready to play, doesn’t shed or make a mess. And will tell me that he loves me every time!!! I am so……..Read More At Amazon.com…

By James L:


Incredible! Gave to my granddaughter for her birthday. As Zoomer moved around and looked at us with his bright electronic eyes you sensed that he was a real dog. My wife and are considering one for a pet. Oh, and……Read More At Amazon.com…